Living with the SST

Alan from AK Racing has SST Fluid running through his veins.

Here’s what he has to say about the SST

The SST Transmission from Mitsubishi (Also known as the DCT470 or W6DGA) is an amazing piece of technology. Keep your SST working it’s best with regular fluid changes.

How regular? That depends on driving conditions.

For spirited driving, we recommend no more than 15,000km between fluid changes
For general road use, we recommend no more than 30,000km between fluid changes

For track specialised cars, we understand that tracks, drivers, and conditions can vary greatly, feel free to have a chat to us about this.

When servicing your SST, we will only use Castrol Transmax Dual or Mitsubishi Diaqueen SSTF1 with genuine filters. If you ask a workshop and they recommend any other fluid for your SST, WALK AWAY, FAST! We have dealt with specialist SST workshops located in most capital cities. If you can’t make it to AK Racing and you aren’t sure where to go, feel free to contact us.

AK Racing recommends all spirited driving of SST vehicles is in Super Sport mode with manual shifting as often as possible. This will reduce clutch slip and result in less wear and less heat. If you have a Ralliart Lancer without Super Sport we can add this to your car for you. Use the contact form below to book in a time. It only takes half an hour, and your SST will thank you!


If you do experience problems with your SST transmission, you can contact us for a chat or organise a detailed inspection and diagnosis of your car via the below form. Our SST Diagnosis fee is very reasonable at only $150, this fee is discounted from any repair work that is carried out on your SST after diagnosis.

AK Racing is a fully trained specialist repairer of SST transmissions for Ralliart Lancer and Evo X. We can supply and install clutch and basket upgrades, seal replacements, shift fork repairs, mechatronics and valve body replacement.
We only use and recommend tried and tested brands such as Dodson, Kozmic, and SSP. Our state of the art testing equipment means a successful clutch build first time, every time.





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