AK Racing Cat Back Exhaust




Specially designed to perfectly complement the 4B11t engine in the Ralliart Lancer and Evo X.  The 4″ Titanium style tips will be the envy of everyone at the next Hardpark meet, and when you start your car Evo lovers from all around will go weak at the knees. 

Made from quality 3″ Stainless Steel with quality welds and flanges, this system comes with all gaskets and bolts required to install, just re use your original rubber exhaust hangers. 

The Ralliart System features a third mini muffler in the mid pipe to remove drone at highway speeds. 

The Evo X system features a high flow resonator in the mid pipe to remove as much drone as we can while still allowing for amazing crackles and flames (Depending on your tune of course!)


This is a cat back system, they are designed for OEM fitment with OEM fitment Cat pipes. 

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TunedbyAK Ralliart Lancer Exhaust v2, TunedbyAK Evo X Exhaust


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