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ONLINE ONLY BONUS!! Get FREE Whiteline Workshop Gloves, Strut Brace Quick Release clips, and Whiteline Sticker Kit (via Redemption) for just $199! Save over $90!

Limited Stock Available – Order Online – Pickup in store or get it posted. Sale Ends 14/04/2018

You can never have too much chassis stiffness. Weight aside, the more the better. Chassis bracing maintains alignment angles and spring rates by greatly reducing body or chassis flex. In fact, it helps every component in the suspension system do its job properly and you can feel the difference through improved turn-in, sharper steering response along with greater steering feedback.

Quick release clamps allow for quick and easy removal of strut tower braces, a must for any Whiteline strut Brace that is regularly removed so that you can work on the engine. This quick release clamp suits all Whiteline strut tower Braces.

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Mitsubishi Ralliart Lancer Sedan/Hatch, Mitsubishi CJ Lancer Sedan/Hatch


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