MEGALife Battery Australia

MEGALiFe Battery Australia was born from a collaboration with leading Asian aftermarket parts manufacturer BuddyClub and renowned Australian engineering firm Nine-W. The strength of this partnership lies with the shared experience, engineering know-how and advanced manufacturing capabilities that this diverse and knowledgeable group of people have to offer.

After an initial concept was developed in early 2016, we have spent our time to apply world class tech to product lines not yet seen inside the industry. The ability to then test these products in the best and worst of conditions has led the MEGALiFe Battery brand used all over the world in the most diverse of vehicles, conditions and applications. From works supported GT3 programs, leading off road vehicle tuners, industrial marine applications, motocross, superbike, classic car owners, light vehicle mining fleets….the list is nearly endless where MEGALiFe lithium ion batteries, with our reserve cell technology, are being used as an alternative to lead acid with truly great performance and calculated value for money.

Our immediate goal is to educate the consumer on the advantages of lithium ion batteries and show how MEGALiFe adds some specific, additional features to this already huge leap forward in performance. From there, with the quality of our internal engineering and consistent advancements in manufacturing and assembly techniques, we are committed to creating products to meet and exceed customers of all applications well into the future.

The future is bright (and light!) for MEGALiFe Battery Australia and we invite you join the revolution!

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