General Servicing For CJ Lancer, Ralliart, and Evolution X

For those still under warranty, you can service with us and still keep your warranty!

Servicing your Evolution & Ralliart Lancer is more important than other models out there. These engines are hard on fluids and poor quality or old engine oil or driveline fluids can be the cause of expensive problems for you down the track.

We understand that everyone wants the best for their pride and joy, that’s why we offer these different levels of servicing.

We always use genuine oil filters where possible.
For turbo models, we use Penrite Racing 10tenths 10w40. This is a high performance fluid with all the additives that high power turbo cars need.
For non turbo models, we use Castrol Professional 5w30. This oil is specially formulated for long drain applications in everyday cars.

Our Logbook Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drain Engine Oil and replace Oil Filter as required.
  • Install new Oil Filter and add Engine Oil as per manufacturer’s specification in compliance with viscosity and type of oil.
  • Full Electronic Diagnosis Scan and clearing or reporting of any Fault Codes
  • Visual inspection of Tyres / Steering / Suspension / Braking / Exhaust Systems
  • Visual inspection of Engine and Cooling Systems for leaks or worn parts
  • Check of all External Lighting
  • Battery Test (if applicable)
  • Top up of fluids as required – Coolant, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid
  • Top up of Washer Fluid
  • Check / adjust Tyre Pressures
  • Windscreen Wiper check
  • Inspection of Air Filter and Cabin Filter
  • Electronic Service Reminder reset
  • Test Drive
  • Service Books and Warranty Documentation stamped

Using only genuine Mitsubishi oil filters with either Penrite (Turbo) or Castrol Professional (Non turbo) oils and replacing the vehicles in cabin air filter is all part of the service. On top of that, a thorough safety inspection and top up of all fluids (*Where applicable) on the vehicle including coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, transfer case*, rear diff*, active center diff*, active yaw control*, all belts, hoses, clamps, mounts, bulbs and more. We will also run a full diagnostic scan of your vehicle so you can drive away happy knowing everything about your car has had the best care possible.

From $305 Non turbo models
From $385 Turbo models

SST, CVT, & Manual Transmission Servicing
Back in 2008 when the SST was first introduced to Australia, The big M thought that people would be afraid to buy the car if they knew the price of servicing their transmission (Doesn’t help that they charge almost double what we charge!). Easy fix, they wrote in the service manual that the first SST service wasn’t due until 105,000kms. Fast track several years later, and that 5 year warranty was starting to cost them money with failed mechatronics, failed shift forks, failed clutches, and why? We find these issues are most common in transmissions that have either not been serviced for way too long or have been serviced with the incorrect fluid. Regular fluid changes and teach in’s can help keep your SST healthy for many years to come.

The CVT transmission tends to get very noisy when the fluid is overdue to be changed. We only recommend genuine CVT Fluid for these transmissions. There were two different fluids available for different year models, so be sure to check with us to make sure you get the right one!

For more information, see our page on living with the SST.

Major Servicing
Major Servicing is available for both Turbo and Non Turbo models, however as service items, vehicle age and kilometers all play a part in the price of your major service, please use the contact form below or give us a call for an accurate price.

Although AK Racing is a CJ Lancer, Ralliart, and Evolution specialist, we can service most makes and models of cars. To find out more, use the below contact form or give us a call.

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