4B11/12 Timing Chain Kit


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This is our complete kit to replace your stretched timing chain on the 4B11 engine with the revised version that Mitsubishi released back in 2011. If you see the triangle warning light and the car has a rough idle, its more than likely the chain has jumped a tooth or more due to it being stretched beyond safe limits.

We only use genuine Mitsubishi parts in this kit, which is comprised of the following parts:

  1. Rocker Cover Gasket
  2. Crankshaft Oil Seal
  3. Valve Timing Chain (new style)
  4. Timing Chain Tensioner
  5. Timing Chain Guide – Tension side
  6. Timing Chain Guide – Loose side
  7. Oil Pump Drive Chain
  8. Oil Pump Chain Guide
  9. Oil Pump Chain Tensioner

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Chain Kit

4B11 / 4B11T, 4B12