PASSWORD:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Engine Cover – EVOX (2008+) & RA


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Made by PWJDM for PWJDM using our perfected Dry carbon process, this product is one of the finest real carbon pieces you will ever find. Made using 100% aerospace grade epoxy resin with real Hexcel Carbon Fiber or Carbon Kevlar, all of our Password:JDM Dry Carbon products are individually hand crafted here in the States. 

All Password:JDM Dry Carbon/Kevlar products are hand crafted and the beauty about hand crafted Carbon fiber products is that they are as unique as a finger print, no two carbon items will be exactly identical. We deliver our Carbon products in its natural finish. No clearcoat will ever applied by us to hide imperfections or correct blemishes commonly associated with Polyester resin like everyone else in the industry. We strongly believe that this takes away from Carbon Fiber’s distinguished properties and therefore defeats the purpose of using quality materials such as epoxy and real Carbon. Small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles and resin blemishes will be inevitable. Such minor imperfections are race industry standard and considered acceptable. Therefore it is NOT considered to be defective.